Landon Caballero is KRUSH’s newest member coming in at a thumping 12 years old. Don’t let the calm and collected demeanor fool you- he has rhythm and bass in his soul. His impeccable timing, natural cool, and even delivery earned him a spot amongst these amazingly talented musicians.

Landon hails from Lake Worth- Florida and currently attends Somerset Academy in Boynton Beach where he plays percussion in the school band. 

Landon’s musical journey began at the age of 5 learning to play piano. At an early age, he displayed an uncanny ability to keep time and stay on rhythm. He studied piano until the age of 10 at which time he decided to join the School of Rock and further expand his musical interests. Since joining, he has picked up drums, guitar, vocals, and of course his love….. the bass. Landon has been a long time friend of Tristan and has performed with all three members during his time at the School of Rock. He now performs alongside his band mates in the school’s performance band and enjoys his new found brotherhood. 

Outside of music, Landon has been studying taekwondo since the age of 5. He has competed in many South Florida tournaments and has won or placed every time he has competed. Talk about timing, his double nunchaku skills will leave anyone amazed and dazed. Landon also performs as a member of the school’s demonstration team which has won several South Florida competitions. Landon recently earned his Second Degree Black Belt while attending World Taekwondo Center in Lake Worth under the instruction of his Master, Fifth Degree Black Belt Gina Anacleto. 

Landon is thrilled to be part of KRUSH and becoming their “Black Belt of Bass”.