Tristan Yeager is the 12 year old drummer from Greenacres, Florida. This (literally) hard hitting talent will leave you mesmerized and delighted as you watch him lead his band to rock history. 

Tristan is inspired by many sensational drummers: Tommy Lee, Neil Peart, and Nicko McBrain but, Carl Palmer proves most influential. His favorite bands are: Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Primus, and Yes.

He works diligently to emulate Palmer’s style with his drum coach and mentor Alex Mandel, but drumming isn’t the only thing up his sleeve. Tristan also enjoys playing bass, guitar, keys, singing and writes his own music all the while keeping his grades up in school. This multi-talented pre-teen with the big eyes and personality to match will leave you cheering for more.

Tristan currently attends Somerset Academy and plays percussion in the school band. He  hopes to follow in his big sister, Gianna Mascaro’s footsteps, and attend Dreyfoos School of the Arts as a  member of the band department.

Most recently, Tristan had the once in a lifetime opportunity to have private drum lessons with Iron Maiden’s very own Nicko McBrain. McBrain said to Tristan, you are “Keith Moon, Jon Bonham, Nicko McBrain. You are stunning.” Legendary composer and music arranger, Charlie Calello, refers to Tristan as “flawless”.

He is treasured and supported by his kind and loving parents, Howard and Dawn Yeager, and is infinitely praised by his equally talented sister Gianna.